Collection: Sisa




Sisa completed his graduation in Photography Design from the National Institute of Design. He intends to create cognitive dissonance in human minds. His area of inquires revolves around human conflicts and satire. The idea of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ has always intrigued him, and his work refuses to conform to this binary. Exploring the grey area of human righteousness based on subjective relativism is something that he aims to achieve through his practice. He has participated in Metaphors For Land, curated by Shristi Sainani, APRE Art House, 2023;   In The Same River, Chennai Photo Biennale, Chennai, 2022; In The Same River,  Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad, 2022; Upside Down, Format Festival 2021, 2021; Animal in Love, Obscura Festival, 2019.