Interim I

Interim I

Interim I: An 'Inbetween'

'Date: 23rd Sept - 3rd Oct., 2022 

At APRE Art House, we believe that regular exhibitions, critiques, and discussions contribute toward generating the necessary awareness around art practices and building collections. This interface encourages and supports transparency along with exposure, among the stakeholders.

APRE is committed to promoting emerging as well as established artists, and activating sustained platforms for them to showcase their work - both physically and virtually. As the name suggests, INTERIM is an informal format that is shaped as an ‘in-between’ display of artworks, in the duration between larger curated shows, organically bringing together a fresh set of artists each time.

Each edition of the INTERIM will act as a veritable lucky dip into the pool of artists associated with the Gallery, elaborating on diverse mediums, styles, and contexts, and offering audiences the opportunity to browse through and acquire works of a wide variety.

In INTERIM -I, explore the works of Rachana Badrakia, Ravi Chaurasiya, Samir Mohanty, and Victor Hazra. 

The works in this Interim touch upon themes of human experiences of solitude and refer to the Anthropocene. They have been produced as expressive witnesses of the artists personal journeys and the pandemic. Badrakia’s standalone geometric forms with saturated backgrounds are a symbol of the human body in isolation. Mohanty’s largescale watercolors depict the enjoyment of solitude and a yearning to go back to a primitive time. The artist situates the human body within nature, emphasizing this symbiotic relationship, as a reminder of the delicate balance between all life that shares this planet. 

Chaurasiya has spent his childhood around burning dump yards, and chooses to potray his experience and concern through dystopian works in a miniature style. Hazra’s artworks contemplate the complex and precarious relationship between man and land. The artist acts as a witness to the transfiguration of the metropolitan landscape and territory. He uses a coined phrase ‘land-escape’ to describe what he sees: miles of grey concrete, a sea of construction, and cities devoid of beauty. 


Rachana Badrakia

Samir Mohanty

Ravi Chaurasiya

Victor Hazra

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