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Established under the guidance of Ms. Prerna Jain, APRE Art House embarked on its journey in 2016, formalizing its presence by 2021. Further cementing its dedication to the art world, the gallery moved to the culturally rich Colaba in 2022. With a global presence, including exhibitions in cultural capitals like New York, New Delhi, and Mumbai, The Gallery prioritizes art that speaks to viewers both immediately and over time.

The Gallery's 10,000 sq. ft. Artist & Curatorial Residency Programme in the heart of Mumbai (MAIR) is not merely a space; it's a nurturing ground, fostering the growth and evolution of artists, standing as a testament to its dedication.

The Gallery's inaugural exhibition in Colaba, "Shadow Lands," was not just an art display but a comprehensive experience. It integrated theatre, studio visits, film screenings, slam poetry, walkthroughs, and in-depth discussions. Since then, every show has been accompanied by a series of educational engagements and experimental programs that foster a passion for contemporary art.

APRE came about as the fruition of Ms. Jain’s long-term vision to contribute to the diverse and multi-layered space of modern and contemporary art, and to create an innovative platform for its understanding and outreach both nationally and globally. The Gallery's two-floor space, further enriched by a terrace for interdisciplinary practices, is both a platform for seasoned art patrons and a welcoming environment for those just beginning their collecting journey.

The Gallery maintains a dynamic schedule of exhibitions throughout the year. APRE is not only about exhibitions but about creating robust networks, cementing stakeholder relationships. In contextualizing and addressing the crucial needs in the arts sector, The Gallery aims to integrate itself and provide stability within a constantly morphing socio-cultural topography.

APRE aims to promote a plural arts culture through regular physical and virtual showcases while also continuing to develop public programming. From unique programmes like 'The White Table Editions' and 'Interims', to the invaluable support The Gallery extends to artists via Residency Programmes, mentorships, legal guidance, and international representation, there is an unwavering commitment to nurturing the art ecosystem.

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art, APRE stands as a steady anchor, offering both collectors and newcomers a trusted space to explore, learn, and engage. The Gallery invites all to be part of its journey, as it continues to shape and redefine the boundaries of art.

About the Founder: Prerna SM Jain

Prerna SM Jain is the Gallery Director of APRE Art House, Colaba. She earned her Masters in Modern & Contemporary Art Market and Its History from Christie's Education, New York. Her foundational education in the arts was cultivated at Rachana Sansad, Mumbai, where she completed her Bachelor's in Fine Arts. This dual foundation equips her with a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the art world.

Her extensive professional experience includes positions at prestigious institutions such as Christie's auction house in New York. She has trained under Ted Seth Jacobs in France, and she further enriched her knowledge at the Florence Academy of Art, National Academy, New School and the Art Students League of New York. This diverse training has provided her with a nuanced perspective on art, blending classical techniques with contemporary insights.

Jain was also an art critic, contributing to leading newspapers and art news platforms, including The Daily Star, New York Artnews, and Kashmir Reader, among others.

Her commitment to continuous learning is evident in her pursuit of specialized courses, including those in Art Storage, Transport & Handling from NODE Institute, emphasizing her dedication to ensuring the proper care and preservation of artworks.

Jain also serves as the Program Director for Mumbai Artists in Residence (MAIR), demonstrating her leadership and commitment to fostering artistic development and collaboration within the local artistic community.

Lina Vincent: External Curator (Advisor)

Lina Vincent is an independent art historian and curator with two decades of experience in arts management. She is committed to socially engaged practices that reflect in the multi-disciplinary projects she has developed and participated in. The focus areas of her research include arts education, printmaking history and practice, the documentation of living traditions, and environmental consciousness in the arts.
She completed an Archival Museum Fellowship from the India Foundation for the Arts (2018-19), and runs the Goa Familia archival photography project with Serendipity Arts Foundation. She initiated and headed the Piramal Residency Artist Incubator Programme 2019-20 and is Associate Curator with ARTPORT_making waves, international curatorial collective operating at the intersection of art, climate change and sustainability. Lina has curated numerous exhibitions with galleries across India and contributes to publications on art history and contemporary cultural practices. Lina has a bachelor's degree in printmaking and a master's in Art History from Bangalore University (2001).

Shristi Sainani: External Curator (Advisor)

Shristi Sainani is a curator, designer, researcher, and writer currently based in New Delhi, India, where she functions independently. Her interest lies in dismantling and assessing core concepts of exhibition making, specifically focusing on Contemporary Art churned through the diaspora of the Global South. She writes poetry, has published three books in the genre, and has contributed to several art and architectural forums. Her independent research focuses on collections and architecture of private art museums. Shristi's paper on inclusivity in museum spaces won the INSC Researchers Award in 2021.

Shristi is a formally trained architect. She completed her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Sydney and her Master’s in Curatorial Studies from the University of Melbourne