Collection: Shaji Appukuttan

Shaji Appukuttan



Shaji Appukuttan received his education at the Government Fine Arts College in Thrissur, Kerala. He has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi State Award in 1992 and the Siddhartha Foundation Award in 2018. Additionally, he was awarded a grant from the Jackson Pollock Krasner Foundation in New York for 2020-21. Recently, he held a solo exhibition titled Ghost Trees at the Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery in Payyannur, Kannur (2023). Appukuttan has also curated a group show, Rustic Footmarks, at the Durbar Hall Art Center, featuring the works of 29 prominent Indian artists.His art practice delves into geopolitics, not as an extravagant spectacle, but as a fundamental existential issue which is crucial for planetary survival. These planetary concerns are ever-present in his consciousness, permeating both the foreground and background of his paintings. For him, the social existence of hills, rivers, and forests parallels the essence of human relationships, and this interconnectedness resonates symbolically throughout his work.

Currently lives and works in Ernakulam.