Collection: Noni-Mouse




Radhapriya Gupta, also known as Noni-Mouse, is an experimental sound artist, composer, DJ, and producer based in Mumbai. Operating at the intersection of sexuality and numen, she utilizes and advocates for the use of voice in all her works, not only as an element in her ever-evolving sound but also as a medium to convey ideas, stories, and the feeling of sajda. Drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences attending religious gatherings where music, movement, and divinity intertwined, her work aims to infuse her gatherings with larger-than-life melodic substance and unyielding arrangements.

She has participated in Mumbai Artist Residency (MAIR), supported by APRE Art House, Mumbai, 2024, and MusikMaker’s Hacklab, CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany in 2020. 

Currently lives and works in Mumbai.