Interim- II

Interim- II

Image of a man with a fish in his hnd
Work by Sandeep TK

Date: 13th July - 27th August, 2023. 


 Interim, denoting a transitional phase, provides a pause for artistic exploration through experimental exhibits. Interim II draws inspiration from the pioneering curatorial methodologies of Walter Hopps.


Interim- II resides in the elevation and recognition of artists through their individual practices, with a focus on the elements of play and experimentation. Departing from predetermined thematic frameworks, this approach encourages artists to traverse uncharted territories, probing new concepts, materials, techniques, and ideas. By providing a platform for open artistic expression and creative autonomy, the exhibition endeavours to stimulate innovation, disrupt boundaries, and unveil novel artistic landscapes.


Walter Hopps played a pivotal role in catapulting post-war Los Angeles artists to prominence during the 1960s, subsequently redefining curatorial installation practices on a global scale. In the spirit of his legacy, the exhibition incorporates a dedicated section inviting artists to partake in an open call lasting 36 hours only. This section pays homage to Hopps’ seminal exhibition, "36 Hours," held at the Museum of Temporary Art in 1978. This distinctive and ephemeral open call attempts to mirror Hopps' unwavering commitment to fostering direct interactions among institutions, artists, and the regional artistic community while accentuating the vital role of play.


Interim- II embarks on a bold departure from conventional exhibition paradigms. The exhibition features artists who explore memory, residues, heritage, environmentalism, ecofeminism, and socio-political realities, among other layered contexts. These explorations expand through the participants of the open call. Through diverse practices, each artist’s unique voice provokes introspection. 


Madhav Vyas
Ekta Singha
Tapan Moharana
Sandeep TK
Snehal Goyal
Janhavi Sharma
Meghna Singh Patpatia
Urna Sinha

Work by Ekta Singha
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