Time Lapse, curated by Lina Vincent

Time Lapse, curated by Lina Vincent

Time Lapse: India Art Fair

Curated by Lina Vincent 

Date: 28th Apr - 1st Mar., 2022

A symbolic churning of past and present; a navigation of personal and collective timelines; a vast universe framed through metaphors and allegories - the selection of work addresses in varied ways, these transformative processes that make meaning of contemporary reality. The makers articulate diverse worlds in hybrid visual languages as they dissect layers of experience, bringing forth the surreal and beautiful; the transient and the enduring. Transmogrification– of earth and landscape, material and built culture, mind and bodily form, reminds us of the constant shift from one appearance, state, or phase to another.

There are multiple ways to look at the world, document it, and communicate about it. The fluctuating nature of reality justifies and demands constant improvisation in order to respond to it. In times when the normal is suspended, and habit is disrupted, a sense of disorientation becomes visible. As mind and body inure to new realities, the absurd quotient achieves some kind of prominence. Individuals attempt to gain stability within an imbalanced world, and endeavor to explain sometimes incomprehensible contexts.

Time, when broken into non-linear segments, takes on different contexts for everyone. Borrowed from the photographic lexicon, Time Lapse in this exhibition, is a status that accommodates the swift and relentless alteration of physical, mental, and emotional aspects of living. Creating a multisensory patchwork of ideas that translate contemporary times, the artists provide insights and pathways into altered cycles of time.


Birender Yadav

Harsha Durugadda

Subodh Kerkar

Sarika Bajaj

Yasir Waqas 

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