Echoes, curated by Shruti Ramlingaiah

Echoes, curated by Shruti Ramlingaiah


Curated by Shruti Ramlingaiah

Date: 4th - 29th Nov., 2022 

An echo is a sound wave that is reflected off a distant surface, resonating between different places and times; of divergent outlooks and with generational affiliations, three artists, each setting their distinct approaches to visual language and individual sensibilities come in dialogue and opposition in this exhibition. From personal experiences, everyday instances of life, and encounters all three artists’ works dwell deeper in the dense articulations and permeability of their offerings. Their visuals display unpredictable and unsettling expressions, imaginative but familiar landscapes, and realistic impressions; that invite us to review the inner world and impressions of culture and nature of the present times.

Pallav’s paintings on canvas and paper use thick paints that explore subjective expressions. Made in contrasting layers of colours he combines a multiplicity of symbols, patterns, faces, and writing; that creates an inexhaustible drama; whilst flamboyantly eventful, they narrate an animated play with human and anthropomorphic forms always disfigured they are evocative of responses. Pavan incorporates gouache painting techniques on paper that situate between fiction and imagination; drawing from miniature traditions, combining references from everyday instances of the urban and remote landscape majorly drawing from his native land and migratory experiences. Life and living are visible though sparse in human presence and more in suggestive traces- creating a fictitious landscape for viewers to make many meanings. Dhiraj’s drawings on paper display photographic singular imagery with historical and natural reference that confluences perception as well as metaphors. In charcoal, each rendition foregrounded on empty land points to the decay and life span of an entity. Each composition reveals a biographical story of the past but more so a keen satire of loosely held present and human behaviour. This curatorial re examines the concept of landscape to explore how our lives form a landscape in differing individual contexts and with changing perspectives of individuals and society in relation to our orientation or beliefs. It asks us to contemplate if life is part of a landscape or does life always appears landscape-like to rethink the relationship between humans, nature, and our lives alongside the natural world. Echoes ask the viewer to analyze what goes around us to reflect on our times, as a cue to the future.


Pallav Chander

Dhiraj Pednekar

Pavan Kavitkar

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