APRE Art House was founded in 2016 by arts dealer and writer Prerna Jain. It came about as a fruition of her long-term vision to contribute to the diverse and multi-layered space of modern and contemporary art, and to create an innovative platform for its understanding and outreach both nationally and globally.


With several multidisciplinary exhibitions and arts-programs executed over the last two years, APRE Art House has risen to the challenge posed by the complex pandemic period within the cultural industry. The Art House is envisioned as not just a gallery, but a platform to build networks of support and to strengthen stakeholder relationships through professional channels. In contextualising and addressing the crucial needs in the arts sector, the gallery aims to integrate itself and provide stability within a constantly morphing socio-cultural topography.


With an evolving representation of artists that comprises both experienced and emerging practitioners, APRE offers art enthusiasts and connoisseurs the opportunity to engage with a meticulously selected range of art in diverse mediums and styles. APRE aims to promote a plural arts culture through regular physical and virtual showcases while also continuing to develop public programming in the form of panels, workshops, screenings and other engagements to encourage audience interaction and meaningful dialogue.


The vision of the gallery embraces the recognition and documentation of heterogeneous practices in varied contexts. The platform seeks to build sustained connections with creative practitioners and expand it’s programming with a conscious understanding of contemporary cultural frameworks. This now includes an inbuilt engagement with mentoring programs, assistance with legal structures, archiving, documentation and professionalisation modules for young artists.


APRE Art House is currently building a network of artists, patrons and collaborators in order to magnify the outreach of the arts and facilitate newer definitions of art practice and viewership in these altered times.



Select shows by the gallery- 

TRANSIT, New Delhi, 2021

An Organization of Chaos, OVR,  2021

What’s Your  Cup of Tea?, New York, 2017





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302 Durga Chambers, New Link Rd, Andheri W, Mumbai, 400102