• APRE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMMES APRE Art House conducts three internship programmes annually for undergraduate and graduate students with a genuine interest...



    APRE Art House conducts three internship programmes annually for undergraduate and graduate students with a genuine interest in art at our Colaba Gallery location. We are all working together with one common goal in mind; to build an innovative Art Gallery furthers the boundries of the Contemporary art world with Integrity, Experimentation, Exceptional Client Service, Artist Support and TeamworkOur Internship Programme is an enriching experience and our intake does not exceed two interns per programme. The programme usually lasts between 4-6 months as Winter- Monsoon- Summer sections. We provide a practical training experience with a key to the Gallery's business functions and management. 


    We presume that entering the fascinating and memorable art world is integral to people's subjective and objective life in the contemporary world: we know art management is cultural management in a broad sense. 


    APRE Art House was founded in 2016 and formalised in 2021; now a leading figure in Indian Contemporary art, a space for multidisciplinary artwork and artists to explore and address the audience and clients. We create an innovative and passionate platform for the outreach of artwork to the real world of engagement nationally and globally.


    The interns will acquire insight and familiarity with diverse operations: exhibition-making, artist selections, curatorial programmes, public outreach, business approaches, research, portfolio development, event oversight, online presence management, library management, artwork handling and client association management within the period.


    We have an extensive selection process for all positions. We offer a paid internship; interns would receive a stipend for their day–to–day expenses.


    Through close relationships with our artists and clients, we transfer the love of art and excitement of curation, exhibition and sales with our interns. Our clients are collectors, art lovers, art academicians, institutions, art enthusiasts, and corporate. We design a cutting-edge programme and offer a dynamic and fast-paced environment with a lot of hands-on experimental learning. 


    It's More Than Just Work,  It's An Opportunity To Grow.


    If you wish to apply to us, you could send your CV at

  • 'The Art industry was new for me and I had an excellent opportunity to learn new things about the Art World. In my position, I get to meet new, fascinating and creative people every day. I discovered hidden skills of my own and got to learn about my potential. Through the many interactions that I had, I have made some good bonds over the past year. So with every experience and challenge, I earned something at APRE.'

    - Ashwini Jadhav, Adminitrative Manager