Harsha Durugadda India, b. 1989

“We are used to whatever is already in Physics books. People are not ready to touch or feel sound. I’m working to change perceptions and disturb people’s thinking of life. When they touch the sculpture, they touch the sound of the site,”



“I have been looking into the mechanics of an hourglass. The more I look into it I seem to draw more similarities in how a seed germinates which I believe can also be a measure of time. 'Yuga' in Sanskrit refers to either a long period or the union of two things. I am sintering both the meanings to form a new understanding.”  


Harsha Durugadda’s multidisciplinary practice includes sculpture, performance, installations, and sound. The artist encourages the audience to physically engage with his works in which found objects such as metal, stone, wood, and automobile tyres are often used. Durugadda pairs together atypical and unexpected objects and forms, pushing the boundaries of the identifiable creating works that are dynamic and enigmatic.


Harsha Durugadda (b. 1989, Hyderabad, India) holds a Master of Arts Diploma in Visual Communication from WLC College, New Delhi, 2011 and an MA in Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, 2016. He lives and works in Hyderabad.